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Giuseppe has four main families of products: pasta, bakery products, sauces and extra virgin olive oil.


Our bronze die pasta is made from 100% Durum wheat semolina. We only use traditional methods that have been passed down through the generations.
Available in spaghetti, fussilli, linguine, trine, strozapretti, orecchiette and penne rigate in a 500g bag.

How to prepare

To cook pasta in the correct way is not that difficult, but it is necessary to respect some fundamental principles.
We begin with choosing the correct pot. The pot needs to be large enough and high enough to hold a minimum of 1 Litre of water per 100g of pasta. It is suggested to use more water to keep the temperature constant during cooking. Approximately 10g of salt (a teaspoon nearly) per litre of water needs to be added to the water. The exact cooking times of pasta cannot be established, as it depends on the pasta cut and its thickness. The just point of cooking is caught up when the pasta becomes tender outside, while its inner part is still hard. This point of cooking is ‘ al dente’ in Italian. To keep the gluey starch layer on the pasta don’t run it under cold water unless you want the pasta cold for a salad.

Nutritional properties

Pasta is a healthy food for the body and mind! Pasta is a light and healthy food that introduces an optimal composition of nutritional elements and a very limited content of fats. Its fibres activate the digestion and the elevated percentage of “complex” sugars that makes it an excellent power supply in the long term for both physical and mental jobs. But the true strong point is that pasta makes happy and not only thanks to its good flavour; the sugars and the tryptophan amino acid concur to the production of the hormone of the happiness, the serotonin, that it is famous to contributes to improve humour.

Pasta Sauces

Made with the late harvest tomatoes and slow cooked to Giuseppe’s grandfathers recipe. Puglia is the food bowl of Italy where all the finest tomatoes are grown. It has been a long-standing tradition of the Giuseppe family to produce a sugo to go with their artisan-dried pasta.
Available in fresh basil. Wild rocket and arrabiatta (chilli).

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